Discography as a Leader

Somos Agua

2014 Clean Feed Records

  • Tony Malaby - tenor and soprano saxophone
  • Nasheet Waits - drums
  • William Parker - bass


    2011 Clean Feed Records

  • Tony Malaby, Soprano and tenor saxophones
  • Michael Attias - Alto Saxophone
  • Joachim Badenhorst - Bass Clarinet
  • Andrew Hadro - Baritone Saxophone
  • Ralph Alessi - Trumpet
  • Ben Gerstein - Trombone
  • Kris Davis - Piano and Conductor
  • John Hollenbeck, Drums and Percussion

  • Tamarindo Live

    2010 Clean Feed Records

  • Tony Malaby - Tenor saxophone
  • Wadada Leo Smith - Trumpet
  • William Parker - Bass

  • Voladores

    2009 Clean Feed Records

  • Tony Malaby, saxophone
  • Tom Rainey - drums
  • Drew Gress, bass
  • John Hollenbeck, drums/percussion

  • Paloma Recio

    2009 New World Records

  • Tony Malaby, saxophone
  • Ben Monder, guitar
  • Eivind Opsik, bass
  • Nasheet Waits, drums

  • Warblepeck


  • Tony Malaby, saxophone
  • Fred Lonberg-Holm, cello
  • John Hollenbeck, drums

  • Tamarindo


  • Tony Malaby, saxophone
  • William Parker, bass
  • Nasheet Waits, drums

  • Adobe

    August 31, 2004, (U.S)

  • Tony Malaby, tenor & soprano saxophones
  • Drew Gress, bass
  • Paul Motian, drums
  • While the bluntness of the rare sax-bass-drum unit inspired innovators like Ornette Coleman or Henry Threadgill to their best work, the format often caused listeners to squirm through extended bass or drum solos, even if they were patient with a single melodic voice. Saxophonist Tony Malaby leaps over these hurdles on his trio's latest release, "Adobe," by simply leaving no slack. MICHAEL PRONKO/Japan Times


    SGL SA1545-2; Hybrid SACD (2+5 channel) only October 14, 2003 (U.S.) Songlines

  • Tony Malaby, tenor & soprano saxophone
  • Tom Rainey, drums
  • Michael Sarin, drums & percussion
  • Drew Gress, acoustic bass

  • Sabino

    October 14, 2003 (U.S.)

    Tony Malaby's SABINO The New York Times Top Ten Jazz Records 2000 (Arabesque)

    Malaby's debut "Sabino", scores big, his tenor sax conveys an impelling restlessness, and his tunes inspire inventive variations. -- Philadelphia City Paper Top Ten Jazz Recordings of 2000

    Alive in Brooklyn Volume 2

    Recorded live in Brooklyn, NY at Barbes

  • Tony Malaby, tenor & soprano saxophones
  • Angelica Sanchez, Electric Wurlitzer piano
  • Tom Rainey, drums
  • A collective trio that treads a middle ground between lyricism and abstraction" - The New York Times.

    Look for the new MSR Trio, "Alive in Brooklyn, Vol. 2" release on www.cdbaby.com

    Alive in Brooklyn Volume 1

    Recorded live in Brooklyn, NY at Barbes March 15, 2004

  • Tony Malaby, tenor & soprano saxophones
  • Angelica Sanchez, Electric Wurlitzer piano
  • Tom Rainey, drums
  • This is a particularly articulate small ensemble in a time where subtle ensemble articulation is a lost art to many musicians. The trio subtly balances between the overt and the introvert. Intuitive ensemble-play moments find their space, without ever loosing sight of precise process and motion within the longer time-lapses. This is quite a compliment when you consider the fact that all their material is improvised and crafted; on the spot. How often have you not listened to a “free-jazz” combo and felt: “well, some good moments here and there, but there is just no focus, no story, and no narrative.” Not so with this trio. Come out, listen intently, and you’ll hear fluid narratives you can relate to, all night long. This is modern improvised chamber music. Structure and exploration go hand in hand, not one sacrificed for the other. Malaby’s embracing sound is reminiscent of the more lyrical sax players from both American as well as European traditions; he is thus quite unique in the American landscape these days. With Rainey’s highly intelligent and intuitive rhythmic play/counter play, Sanchez’ colorful and imaginative harmonic musings; this trio has enough musical intelligence and heart to capture anyone out there with half an ear for any kind of music. - By Gaute Solaas


  • Tony Malaby - Tenor Saxophone
  • Trey Henry - Bass
  • Billy Mintz - Drums

    The Dave Scott Tony Malaby Quartet

  • Dave Scott - Trumpet
  • Tony Malaby - Tenor Saxophone
  • Trey Henry - Bass
  • Billy Mintz - Drums